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Drying Spiral Conveyors (Drying/Cooling)

Conveyors (Drying/Cooling) Drying/Cooling Plant

Spiral conveyors (Drying/Cooling)

Series WFT spiral conveyors with heat exchange area for accepting the cooling or heating medium

  • Large contact surface on a small floor space permits conveying action to be combined with process functions such as cooling, heating, drying and moistening
  • Helical path for conveying bulk material vertically

ADVANTAGES of VIBRAting technology

High conveying capacities
High cooling and drying capacity
High sanitary standard

Contionuous operation
     negligible maintenance
Quick and easy to clean
Efficient operation

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Applications   Vibratory Fluid-Bed Dryer/Coolers   Static Fluid-Bed Dryers/Coolers
  Trough and Tube Conveyors (Drying/Cooling)   Spiral Conveyors (Drying/Cooling)   Drying and Cooling Plant

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