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Series VSK Screen coolers/dryers

Application:The development of vibrating fluid-bed apparatus integrating additional functions over and above the original thermal task was the outcome of calls for more compact machines suitable for use in confined conditions. Apart from the fluid-bed zone, these combined machines also feature a dewatering section and/or screening section.

Design:Before entering the screening section, the granular material is fluidised on a special distribution plate by a high-velocity air flow which intensively cools/dries and dedusts it. A continuously adjustable gate controls the bed thickness and the residence time. Oversize particles are separated in the following screening section, in the same way as in the SRK screening machines.

Outstanding advantages: A fine screen can be inserted between the distribution plate and the oversize screen to remove any fine grain fraction. Both the distribution plate and the screen insert can be removed and cleaned very easily.

Models and accessories:Models are available with up to 6 qm effective area for a maximum throughput of 4.000 kg/h. Our screen coolers/dryers are supplied complete with the necessary airhandling equipment, such as fans, heat exchangers, filters, separators and air locks.




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